Finland's Seasonal Symphony

A Heart Full of Happiness: Rainy Magic in Finland

8/11/20232 min read

                                                                                                                          A Heart Full of Happiness: Rainy Magic in Finland

In Finland, a special place full of nature's wonders, something amazing is happening. It's like a magical song played by the raindrops and the universe. This moment feels really special, and it makes me very happy. I'm so thankful to be here to see this beautiful show put on by nature. The rain is falling gently from the sky, like a soft melody that makes everything feel calm. It smells nice because of the rain mixing with the trees around me. It is like a gift from the sky, making the plants and flowers shine and smell lovely. The air feels nice, and I can hear the raindrops falling like tiny music notes. I can't help but smile, and this smile is different—a smile that comes from deep inside me. It's like all my neurons are dancing along with the frequency of the raindrops. I feel really grateful for this special moment. It's like a present that I've been given, and it's a reminder that there are wonderful things in the world that make us feel so happy. While the rain keeps falling, I start to understand something important. This journey I'm on isn't just about going to new places. It's also about discovering things about myself and feeling connected to everything around me, like the trees and the rain. The raindrops teach me some important things.

First, they show me that being patient is a good thing. The rain doesn't hurry, but it still reaches the ground. This tells me that good things can happen if we wait and don't rush. Second, the raindrops show me how important it is to have faith, like believing that good things will happen. The rain knows it will help the plants, so it falls without worry. This teaches me to have trust and believe that things will be okay. Lastly, this rainy moment teaches me about happiness. It's not about big things, but about enjoying the simple moments. Just like how the rain and the trees make me happy without doing anything fancy.

So, as the rain keeps falling, I stand here feeling happy and thankful. I'm part of something amazing, like a story that's been going on for a long time. The rain and the universe are like my teachers, showing me important lessons. And in this calm moment, as the rain paints a beautiful picture outside, I'm on a journey to learn about myself.